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Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Student Question: How can we maintain healthy relationships?

Answer: Relationships take work. Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or have an active group of friends, you most likely know this all too well. However, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Investing energy into relationships can result in many positive outcomes like mutual respect and trust (not to mention having fun together!) If building and maintaining healthy relationships feels daunting, here are a few practical suggestions to explore:

Maintaining mutual respect:

  • Having a clear understanding of both your and your partner’s (or friend’s) boundaries when it comes to sexual activity, personal space, and devices

  • Ability to disagree while acknowledging the other person’s opinion

Maintaining trust:

  • Demonstrating consistency in what you say and what you do

  • Engaging in honest conversations about relationship expectations, commitment level, past experiences, goals etc.

Be generous in giving each other the space and time needed to open up. Like trust, developing healthy relationships take time!

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