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be in the know to live your best life now

The most common symptom of an STI is NONE.

No matter the number of partners or sexual interactions, an STI can catch anyone by surprise. 

Untreated STIs may lead to infecting others, infertility, bladder issues, some cancers, and other medical issues.

Our health care team offers a unique clinic experience. 

While offering STI testing and treatment,

we are dedicated to your whole person wellness.

Our goal is to get you the information and support you seek to help you live your best life, now.


Please note that these appointments are generally 30-60 min in length.


At your appointment, based on your expressed areas of concern and health care assessment, areas of discussion and care may include (but are not limited to):

  • STI testing (specimen collection)

  • Sexual health education

  • Value based decision making and relationship goals 

  • Spiritual wellness


There is no better time to be healthy.

Please bring your health card or equivalent with you. 

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