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Celebrating Valentine’s Day Regardless of your Relationship Status

Did you know that the most popular hashtag on social media right now is “#love”? This hashtag has been used over one billion times and continues to grow each day. Clearly, we have a lot to say about love!

On Valentine’s Day, it seems only natural to think about relationships, right? Between the flurry of flowers and chocolates, sonnets and songs, we see partners demonstrating their love for one another. But, what about everyone not in a relationship? Can this day of love still be meaningful for those individuals as well? The short answer: absolutely!

Here are some ways to celebrate the day regardless of your relationship status:

  1. Reflect on all the ways you’ve grown and celebrate the person you are becoming.

  2. Get some friends together for a Valentine’s gift exchange or potluck.

  3. Spread the love by offering to babysit the neighbours’ kids, pay for a stranger’s Starbucks order, or write a note to a loved one telling them how much they mean to you.

While many will be celebrating romantic love, Valentine’s Day can also be a time to cheer the meaningful relationships we have with our family, friends, and neighbours.

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