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Mother's Day through Father's Day (May 14-June 18)

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Usually, when someone says they are full it means they are satisfied; they have had enough. It is common for clients at Dawn Centre to come to us feeling empty, or feeling like they are not enough, or full of negative thoughts and experiences. Maybe they are like Taylor, whose childhood home lacked love and structure, and is now seeking connection through multiple sexual relationships. Or like Ada, whose mind and heart is overflowing with doubts and questions due to an unexpected pregnancy.


As staff and volunteers, we are grateful to be able to address the whole person wellness of these individuals by 'filling them up' with positive knowledge, resources, and support.

You can partner with us by:

1. If available at your local church, take home a bottle and fill it up with change, bills, or a cheque and return it to the church by Father's Day.

2. Fill our virtual bottle by clicking the FILL THEM UP button below.

3. Cheques can be sent to the centre (address at bottom of this page)

4. E-transfers can be sent to Please put your contact info in the message box to ensure you receive your tax receipt. Security answers answers can be put in message box or separate email.

"An extremely warm, welcoming, safe & non judgmental place to talk openly about a variety of issues-"

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Click below to partner with us and:

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