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Usually, when someone says they are full it means they are satisfied; they have had enough. It is common for clients at Dawn Centre to come to us feeling empty, or feeling like they are not enough, or full of negative thoughts and experiences. Maybe they are like Jordan, whose childhood home lacked love and structure, and is now seeking connection through multiple sexual relationships. Or like Amal, whose mind and heart is overflowing with doubts and questions due to an unexpected pregnancy. As staff and volunteers, we are grateful to be able to address the whole person wellness of these individuals, by 'filling them up' with positive knowledge, resources, and support.


Again this year we are asking you to partner with us in 'filling up' our clients with health and hope by filling up an online bottle with your donation. Follow the link through the button below to donate through Canada Helps. Donations can also be received via cheque to Dawn Centre, or e-transfer to (please include your contact info and security answers in a separate email. For more information on our donation policies, go to the Financial Donations section of our Get Involved page)

"I had an amazingly positive experience at [Dawn Centre].... The nurse .... is such a lovely, respectful and calm person....As far as I know this is the only place of that kind in the Tri-city area! I’m strongly recommending it as a clinic."  ~ recent Google review

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