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How we care for You

We focus on whole person care;  which means
we are here to support you in your emotional, physical,
relational and spiritual wellness. 
Click here or more information on our Scope of  Care.


Meet Your Care Team!

Angela, RN

Nurse Manager


Rita, NP

Medical Director



Client Services Coordinator


Cristina, RN

Community Health Education Nurse



Administrative Assistant

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     S.T.I. Testing  


Sexually transmitted infections and diseases can have a big effect on your whole person health.

Meet with our nursing staff to discuss any questions or concerns & to get tested.

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           Pregnancy Options 


Our health care and support staff will give you the information, time, and safe space you need to consider the options best suited for you & your health. 

     Care Closet  


If you are seeking material support, we have resources for you in our Care Closet. For more information about this service, click the button below.

   Pregnancy and Parenting

If you are continuing a pregnancy or parenting, you can find more information about support programs here. 

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 Post-Abortion Support 

After Abortion emotions can vary from feeling relief to grief. Each emotion you feel is valid. If you are unsure who to talk to, ​or just need someone to support you, we are here! Click this button below to take the next step & talk to someone.    

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