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Mindful Self-Care through Exam Season

It’s that point in the semester where final projects are wrapping up and exam week is upon us! Preparing for exams can be a source of significant stress for many students. The good news is that studying doesn’t need to rob you of your overall well-being!

Here are a few suggestions of mindful self-care choices you can make while memorizing that periodic table:

  • Take breaks to have some fun

  • Get outside and/or get active

  • Seek out a support network

  • Fuel concentration with healthy food options

  • Safeguard your zzz’s

Some stress can be a positive motivator to do your best on exams. However, jeopardizing your mental and/or physical health is not worth the stress. Check in with yourself regularly to see what feels like a healthy balance for you.

This information has been rephrased from the article, “Self-Care During Exam Season”.

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