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How Does an STI Start?

Student Question: How does an STI start?

Answer: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have been around for centuries. STIs are transmitted through sexual intercourse, contact with infected skin, and bodily fluids such as blood and breast milk*. Due to advancements in modern medicine, STIs can be treated and cured with much more success than in previous decades. However, STIs that have previously cleared up using medications are now becoming antibiotic-resistant. In addition to this reality, new types of STIs continue to be discovered to this day (refer to our blog post “STIs: Staying Informed & Proactive”).

While everyone is free to choose if/when they want to be sexually active, It’s important to be informed about potential risks in order to keep ourselves and others safe. For more information on STIs as well as where to find free testing in Cambridge, please visit our blog post “STIs: Why it’s important and where to go”.

*Methods of transmission for various STIs outlined on pages 47-67 of the Infectious Diseases in Waterloo Region: Surveillance Report 2016

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