Prenatal Education and Parenting Support

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Earn While You Learn

Whether you are choosing to parent or to place for adoption, this program will help you each step of the way on your prenatal journey.  You will be paired up with a caring support worker, who will meet with you throughout your pregnancy.  At each session you’ll earn points that you can trade in for new baby and maternity items.   We believe that it is important to have caring, supportive people to love and nurture you during this transitional time in your life.   
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Moms Support Group

Our Moms Support Group gives you the opportunity to be encouraged by other mothers and challenged to grow in your parenting role. We offer the Nobody’s Perfect program which was developed by Public Health Canada. This program builds on what parents already know and do for themselves and their children. It starts with the parents’ own experiences and interests and gives them an active role in the learning process. Nobody’s Perfect helps parents build networks among themselves and encourages them to see one another as sources of advice and support.

Child care is provided. 

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Dads Support Group

​There are good dads, there are average dads, and there are absentee dads. What type of dad are you? What type do you want to be?   Your answer may depend on how well you handle these topics:

  • What You Can and Can't Control

  • Self Care &  Self Reflection

  • Being Proactive vs. Reactive

  • Managing Responsibilities & Priorities

  • How to Negotiate

  • Communicating with Others

  • Nurturing Children & Modeling Desired Behavior

The 8 week 7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad program will encourage you become an involved, responsible, and committed ​father. 

This program is facilitated by experienced dads. It is offered in the evening at the Centre.

Child care is not provided at this time.

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Post Abortion Support 

After an abortion some women may experience relief, while others may experience negative emotions. Some women have reported the following reactions:

  • feeling compelled to conceal an abortion

  • experiencing prolonged sadness

  • psychological 'numbing'

  • feeling lingering guilt and shame

  • avoiding relationships or struggling with intimacy

  • engaging in self-destructive behavior

  • triggers that produce a negative emotional/physical response

  • suicidal thoughts

If you are experiencing any of these reactions, we want to encourage you to hope and healing through our Post Abortion peer support program.

Contact Joy, our Client Services Coordinator, by Phone  or Email.

This program takes places in a safe and confidential environment.

Providing excellence in compassionate care for individuals with unexpected pregnancy decisions and related sexual health and wellness needs.


We do not provide or assist in abortions. We are committed to offering accurate information about abortion, parenting and adoption as requested.

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