Post Abortion Support 

After an abortion some women may experience relief, while others may experience negative emotions. Some women have reported the following reactions:

  • feeling compelled to conceal an abortion

  • experiencing prolonged sadness

  • psychological 'numbing'

  • feeling lingering guilt and shame

  • avoiding relationships or struggling with intimacy

  • engaging in self-destructive behavior

  • triggers that produce a negative emotional/physical response

  • suicidal thoughts

If you are experiencing any of these reactions, we want to encourage you to hope and healing through our Post Abortion peer support program.

Contact Joy, our Client Services Coordinator, by Phone  or Email.

This program takes places in a safe and confidential environment.

“I am very thankful for this program and hope more people hear about it. I have found a lot

of acceptance and forgiveness for myself. I absolutely feel it was needed.

The program showed me where I should go for now and was an amazing piece in my life.”

Group Participant